Our History

The Jimmy’s Grille Restaurant Brand consists of 3 locations:  Bridgeville, Dewey, and Rehoboth, and  is part of The Highway One Restaurant Group, which also includes the Rusty Rudder, Ivy and Northbeach.

The current location of Jimmy’s Grille Bridgeville began as a Tastee-Freez in 1984.  It was converted into Jimmy’s Grille family Restaurant in 1993, and quickly became famous for its fried chicken, huge portions, and homemade desserts.  In May of 2009, Jimmy’s Grille Dewey opened, and continues to operate as a seasonal establishment.  The third installment of the Jimmy’s Grille brand opened on Rt.1 in Rehoboth in early 2016.

Jimmy’s Grille is the largest caterer in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  In 2014 we did 759 parties serving 44,229 people!  In addition to the 264 pick-up parties from the restaurant, we also did 85 weddings, 55 funerals, 69 barbecues and hundreds of family reunions, corporate events, birthday and holiday parties.

Our  philosophy with food is to provide you with full disclosure.  Whenever possible, we use raw unprocessed ingredients ,  and will be  honest with you about what we do with those products.  We are proud and stand behind everything we make.

We like to use local vendors to procure our food whenever possible, and include Rapa,  Kirby and Holloway, Hillendale Farms, John Martin and Sons Farm, United Shellfish, Cloverland Dairy, Stroehman Bakery, Keany Produce, Holt, Seawatch Clams, Adams birch, Lord Brothers and Higgins, Great Lake Wisconsin Farms, : U.S. Foodservice,  Butterball Farms, T.S. Smith and Sons, Sysco,   Indiana Packing, Ma and Pa’s Market, Vanderwende’s Dairy, Chester River Clam Company, Mar Jac, Perdue and Mount Aire.

A few fun facts about the volume of food we went through last year:


Bushels of Collard Greens 840
Pounds of Cheddar Cheese 7300
Pounds of Pancake Flour 7350
Pounds of Butter 12900
Pounds of Lima Beans 15300
Pounds of Sweet Potatoes 18600
Dozen Extra Large Eggs 20000
Pounds of French Fries 24500
Pounds of Sugar 26400
Pounds of Flour 54500
Pounds Idaho Potatoes 61000
Pounds of Fried Chicken-Over 250,000 Pieces 132000